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Need help with your artistic or personal statement, a hand to hold as you apply for opportunities? Are you looking to commission a writer for your short, feature film or other scripted project? Do you need a script doctor?


You may now hire Stacey for help with artistic/personal statements or commission her for writing projects!

What are her qualifications? Let us resumé.

Who recommends her? They do!

“It was a pleasure to work with Stacey who encouraged me to finish my feature script. She helped to teach me structure, outline beats and more importantly, fight for the story I wanted to initially create. I am grateful to Stacey for working with me on this passion project because it’s a project that is very near and dear to my heart. Her constant feedback, use of examples and technique made me feel more equipped to tackle screenwriting and write more scripts.”

Brittany “B.Monét” Fennell, Filmmaker

“This may sound horrible, but Stacey is cheating. Her writing can’t be her own. Stacey’s writing touches upon things beyond this plane of existence, it is almost ethereal yet rooted in messages that we need to hear. It is as if the ancestors are whispering in her ear and guiding her, as if they are using her to type because they can’t work the computer. I am envious, joyous and honored to have the privilege of reading and seeing her work and awash with pride and happiness to be in the presence of the magic that she unleashes every time she writes. She is nothing short of amazing and it’s not fair!”

Richard Memminger, Filmmaker

“She is an expressive and outgoing woman, with great ideas, possessed of energy and passion, but also imbued with the maturity and wisdom to focus that energy and passion into concrete results with pen and paper.”

Richard Wesley, Playwright, Screenwriter

“I’m constantly blown away by the innovations and the depth of her work. She is not only one of the most revolutionary and outrageously gifted writers I have had the honor of working with but she is equally one of the kindest and most generous spirits I have encountered in my many years as a theatre professional.” 

Logan Vaughn, Director


  • Initial Statement Consult – $50 (1hr)
  • Statement Follow-Up – $25 (1hr)
  • Statement Support Flat Rate – $225 (Consult and up to 10 follow-ups)
  • Initial Script Consult – $50 (1hr)
  • Script Consult Follow-Up – $25 (1hr)
  • Script Coverage with detailed notes – starting at $100
  • Feature TV/Film Commission – starting at $5000 (First Draft – 8 weeks)
  • Feature TV/Film Commission Re-write – starting at $1000 ( 2 – 4 weeks)
  • Short Film Commission – starting at $1000 (First Draft – 4 weeks)
  • Script Doctoring – (price varies)
  • Idea Consult – $75 (2 hrs)

So … what do you wanna work on?