Legacy Land

Legacy Land 1440 1080 staceyrose

In the shadow of an unseasonable Thanksgiving blizzard, recluse Barbara Tompkins and her young lover Marcus’s, plan for a cozy weekend for two is upended by the unwelcome arrival of Barbara’s sister Denise and her domineering boyfriend, Freddie. When Freddie reveals the true intention of he and Denise’s visit, years of hostility and resentment held between Barbara and Denise are unearthed. Their childhood home becomes battle ground and host to a sexually charged surreal journey into the sister’s repressed memories. As the storm rages, a mystic game unfolds that lays bare the insecurities, kinks, and secrets of the sisters and their lovers. To put an end to the madness, Barbara and Denise must ultimately choose whether to succumb, or fight to overcome the Tompkins family legacy. Legacy Land, listed as an honorable mention on the 2019 and on the 2020 Kilroys List, is an unflinching dark comedic dive into the bizarre legacy sex abuse and incest imprints upon the psyche, sexuality, and relationships of its survivors.
Additional works can be found on The New Play Exchange

America v. 2.1: The Sad Demise & Eventual Extinction of The American Negro

America v. 2.1: The Sad Demise & Eventual Extinction of The American Negro 2560 1704 staceyrose

America v. 2.1 is a day in the life of a troupe of historical re-enactors charged with telling the tragic story of what was once was the American Negro, a woeful race once featured prominently in the American landscape, but whose time has been extinguished at own foolish hand. The troupe finds themselves at odds with the state of their own existences while being painfully oblivious to the parallels and intersections their lives draw to that of the very Negroes whose story they are bound to tell. As this oblivion fades and they are faced with their stark reality, this day in the life of actors, becomes a day of reckoning.

As Is

As Is 524 756 staceyrose

As Is, is the story of four Big Beautiful Black Women living the everyday struggle of trying to lose a few pounds and navigating their Big Black Womeness in the confined spaces of their lives. D. Everette has found her stride as a college professor. Antonia seems to have stumbled upon the perfect manifestation of Black love. Beverly, has her children and her grief. It is young Camille who threatens to unravel the four way friendship with her inability to, find and relegate herself to, a confined space of her own.

The Danger: A Homeage to Strange Fruit

The Danger: A Homeage to Strange Fruit 1381 2031 staceyrose

Winner of the 2015 Rita Goldberg Prize, The Danger, is a theatrical symphony in four movements. Inspired by the mysterious death of Lennon Lacy in Bladenboro, NC, it is a dystopic ghost play that contemplates the legacy of violence against Black bodies in America. The play
follows interracial couple He and She into the world of The Station, a long ago abandoned rail station waiting room, an in-between place. The Station houses Black souls who left the earth in violent ways, and who constantly seek their way home. It is through the journey of The Danger, and guidance by the mystical madwoman/goddess of the world, Gyp, that He and She come to realize their place within the world of The Station.

Reading Series

Reading Series 299 264 staceyrose

Stacey is pleased as punch to announce that her play Igniting The Alabaster YOU! will be read as part ofThe Bushwick Starr Reading Series!

When: November 23, 2015 8pm

Where: The Bushwick Starr – 207 Starr St. Brooklyn, NY 11237

About Igniting The Alabaster YOU!: Millicent Lane, revered lifestyle guru, has arrived in your city to empowerYOU, toward the igniting of your “Alabaster Self”, the fearless, all-knowing, all-seeing White Male who lives within us all and who is the key to sustainable happiness. Over the course of the evening Millicent, will guide her audience through the story of her struggle with identity and how she finally came to embrace her alabaster self … or has she?

About The Bushwick Starr Reading Series: The Starr Reading Series is a way for us to expand our community while we celebrate and explore the plays of the city’s most exciting playwrights. In four Seasons, we have featured the work of a diverse group of writers at all stages of their careers who are approaching writing for the theater in thrilling and unexpected ways. We are proud to continue to offer this ongoing series to our audiences FREE of charge!


KISS MY BLACK ANGST 2 960 427 staceyrose

Conceived and Directed by: Stacey Rose
Written by: Dani Brockington, Iesha Hoffman, Carlos Robson, Boris Rogers, Stacey Rose, and Korde Tuttle

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MEET THE 2017-18 MANY VOICES FELLOWS AND MENTEE 2560 1442 staceyrose

Please help us welcome 2017-18 Many Voices Fellows Stacey Rose and Saymoukda Duangphouxay Vongsay and Many Voices Mentee Julia Gay.

The Many Voices program, which was created in 1994 and significantly expanded in 2013, will see another increase in funding from the Jerome Foundation for the incoming fellows, from $12,500 to $18,000, plus $2,000 in play development funds.

The Many Voices Fellowship is for early-career writers of color. The fellows receive dedicated support from Many Voices Coordinator Christina Ham and introductions to theater leaders in the Twin Cities and Chicago. One fellow each year must be Minnesota-based, and both writers spend a year-long residency in Minnesota. Previous recipients include Sharif Abu-Hamdeh, Benjamin Benne, Marisa Carr, Cristina Castro, Janaki Ranpura, Harrison David Rivers, James Anthony Tyler and Josh Wilder. The Playwrights’ Center’s 2017-18 Many Voices Fellows are:

Stacey Rose, a theater artist from Elizabeth, New Jersey, who has presented work at The Fire This Time Festival, Rattlestick Playwrights Theater, and others. Rose earned an MFA in Dramatic Writing at NYU where she was honored with The Goldberg Prize for her play “The Danger.”
Saymoukda Duangphouxay Vongsay, a Minnesota-based writer whose work is focused on creating tools and spaces for the amplification of refugee voices, and whose award-winning play Kung Fu Zombies Vs. Cannibals premiered with Mu Performing Arts in 2013.
The Many Voices Mentorship awards a Minnesota-based beginning playwright of color with individually-curated writing and play development services and a $2,000 stipend. The Playwrights’ Center’s 2017-18 Many Voices Mentee is Julia Gay, a writer, performer and dancer who was part of the Transatlantic Love Affair ensemble who devised Promise Land (Guthrie Theater, January 2017) and whose one-woman show motherlanded premiered in 2016 in Pangea World Theater’s Emerging Artist Series.




The Danger, a theatrical symphony in four movements, is the harrowing tale of the legacy of White supremest patriarchy and its effect on a set of disparate souls all lost in the same dilapidated rail road waiting room desperately trying to find their way. “He” and “She” an interracial couple, has stumbled upon this dystopic universe having escaped the dangers of home, only to find themselves part of a larger more sinister danger governed by Gyp, part mad woman/part sage. Gyp the self proclaimed Goddess of this world, wields her control over the flesh of The Three Mammies: Chastity, Hope, and Cherish who seek to escape from an impending slaughter on their plantation, and The Entertainers: Try and Vic whose sick sense of brotherhood keep them locked in a no win hustle. He and She, spellbound and enlightened by the power of Gyp’s magic, succumb to their truth and ultimately accept their part in the cyclical madness of the station.